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Why do we need global accountancy standards?

John Wolfgang, Chairman of UHY, recently shared his views on why we need global accountancy standards during an interview with the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) commercial radio station, Dubai Eye 103.8. The interview, organised by UHY, member firm in the UAE, can be listened to here. John also addressed the 'Banking & Finance' focus group of the British Business Group based in Dubai, UAE, on the impact of the EC Green Paper on audit policy.

John Wolfgang is Chairman of UHY, a global organisation of member firms that deliver accounting, tax and business consulting services throughout more than 76 countries. He is based in New York City and as a founding board member of UHY International, has been active in expanding the organisation's membership, services and capabilities throughout the world since its founding in 1986. John also serves on the UHY LLP Board of Directors and is Managing Director of UHY Advisors NY, Inc. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.