Banking, financial services & insurance

The environment for businesses operating in the financial services sector has become increasingly complex and regulated in recent years.

UHY member firms have extensive knowledge of the sector and are able to provide informed guidance and insight to clients including banks, insurance companies, fund managers, private equity investors and credit unions. 

Specialist staffs have extensive experience of the specific issues facing the sector, from regulatory compliance to the application of international accounting standards. Bespoke risk management strategies are also developed and implemented.

In an industry where information technology is playing an ever-greater role, experts from the UHY network also work with clients on projects to improve productivity and efficiency as well as providing solutions to security and data protection issues.


The increasingly cross-border nature of many regulatory requirements in the financial services sector means many clients draw on the expertise within the UHY network to ensure compliance with legislation wherever they do business.

Services are provided across the UHY network to clients from financial services sectors including: 

  • Banking
  • Credit Unions
  • Corporate financial services
  • Insurance
  • Stock broking
  • Investment management
  • Private equity
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