Distribution & franchising

Changing patterns of consumption, growth in consumer spending and the continuing expansion of major global brands are driving significant changes to the way consumer goods are distributed and sold.

UHY member firms have extensive experience of working with businesses across the sector ranging from single market retailers and distributors to major international fashion brands.

Specialists are able to provide solutions to issues specific to the sector including development and improvement of internal controls, stock monitoring, warehousing scheduling and supply chain logistics.

Member firms also provide tailored accountancy services to clients in the sector including tax planning and compliance, financial reporting, strategic planning and risk assessment.


A depth of knowledge around franchising and distribution enables UHY member firms to provide informed advice on business operations in both domestic and international markets.

With member firms across the world, clients are  able to access expert local market advice and expertise to help find, establish and manage distribution and agency partners in overseas markets.  The strong relationships and reputations of our member firms in local markets facilitates the business introductions and networking opportunities often vital to successfully establishing new markets.   

UHY member firms can provide specialist advice in areas including: 

  • Developing franchising strategies
  • Business and brand valuations
  • Disputes and litigation
  • Brand protection
  • Distribution agreements
  • Agency agreements 


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