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UHY strengthens presence in Central and Latin America

Global accountancy network appoints new member in Guatemala

UHY, a top 25 global accountancy network (by revenue), has appointed UHY Pérez & Co as their member firm in Guatemala, strengthening the network’s coverage in the Central and Latin Americas region. The firm is the third member to join the region this quarter, following Brazil and Puerto Rico.


The firm was established by former colleagues from the central tax collection institute in Guatemala, the Superintendencia de Administración Tributaria, in January 2003. Since then the seven-partner firm has grown to a team of 30, based in Guatemala City.


The firm has a wealth of experience in banking, insurance and bonds companies, manufacturing, agro-industry, commerce, and specialized industries including cement, sugar, mills, chemical and telecommunications. Their principle services are financial auditing, outsourcing of internal auditing, tax consultancy, management and legal consultancy and accounting. Their areas of expertise include tax administration, public sector, customs and the development and implementation of technology.


UHY Pérez & Co. ’s clients span across Central America, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and the USA. The ambitious firm plan to expand further into Central America, but first need to concentrate on strengthening their presence in their local market, as Managing Partner, Omar Josué Pérez Rosales, explains:


“We wanted to join the UHY network of accountancy and consultancy firms for a number of reasons. Our main priority was to improve and expand the services we offer to our existing clients in Guatemala, followed closely by attracting new international business from Latin America and beyond. We also wanted to ensure that any firm we worked with across borders would meet our own high standards of client service; this quality is assured through the UHY network and their membership of the Forum of Firms. Having undergone extensive research, we concluded UHY would give us the support we needed to grow into the agile, global-reaching firm we want UHY Pérez & Co to be.��?


John Wolfgang, chairman of UHY commented:


“I am delighted to welcome UHY Pérez & Co to UHY. The firm has worked extensively with both the public sector, which dominates Guatemala’s economy and accounts for around 85% of GDP, and the private sector, as many industries are undergoing privatization and beginning to look to international trade for growth. The appointment of the UHY Pérez & Co in Guatemala, and the recent membership of firms in Brazil and Puerto Rico, means UHY is becoming stronger than ever in the Central and Latin Americas region."