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UHY unveils fresh new look

UHY, the international accounting and consultancy network, has launched a radical update of their international branding and online presence, to ensure that it is instantly recognisable to clients and business partners wherever they are in the world.

UHY’s branding refresh introduces a new international website, including a mobile-friendly version, and the roll-out of updated international materials and branding tools across the network’s 81 countries.

John Wolfgang, Chairman of UHY, says: “Our new approach to branding presents a unique, fresh, and easily recognisable professional image to our clients and business partners wherever they work.”

“It is a clear step away from the very homogenous and impersonal branding our profession often embraces. The one key element of the refreshed look is the uniquely commissioned iconography, rather than stock photography. This will help the UHY network and our member firms stand out from the crowd as independent and innovative thinkers.”

“I think our marketing and branding team has done a great job at forging the right new look and feel for UHY – a much stronger and more upbeat identity.”

Examples of the new UHY brandingThe new branding allows UHY’s independent member firms to adapt UHY’s corporate colour palettes and exclusive iconography with greater flexibility. An extended colour palette was specially created to match the hugely diverse range of cultures represented in the network.

Bernard Fay and Ladislav Hornan, members of the UHY Board and brand committee comment: “We’re proud of our international reach, so we felt it was important that our member firms could reflect their unique cultural identity as part of a strongly recognisable UHY branding for the network. The branding is designed with easy adoption in mind to help our member firms achieve a consistent and coherent look in everything they do.”

“The UHY brand is not just a logo and design; it’s about client experience. Our updated branding shows who we are as a network, who we are as an international brand and more importantly, who we are as people: approachable; dynamic; client-focused; international; and always striving for quality in everything we do throughout our network."

John Wolfgang adds: “The UHY network has grown considerably over the past few years and our member firms are going from strength to strength. We felt it was important to adapt our branding and website to reflect this. We have ambitious plans for the next few years, and our branding is now in a strong position to help us achieve all that we want to in the future.”

UHY’s updated website and mobile website have been designed with user experience at its heart, with a sleeker, more visual approach for ease of use. Social media links have been integrated into the website design, and the website includes an easily navigable directory of all UHY’s member firms and a comprehensive set of case studies and client testimonials, showcasing how our clients benefit from the close working relationships amongst our member firms.

The brand refresh project was undertaken in consultation with partners and employees from across UHY and was driven by a specially created committee.

Dominique Maeremans, UHY International marketing manager, says: “The project has been finished in an exceptionally short time span. It has been an ambitious project and we are very proud of all the hard creative work that our design teams have put in to achieve both our member firms and the network’s ambitions.”