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UHY International Business issue 22 - now available

Global accountancy network UHY publishes its latest edition of UHY International Business – Issue 22. This bi-annual publication features fresh insight, provided by our members, on the most current business challenges and key issues faced by companies and individuals around the world. In this edition you will find the following articles:

  • 'Africa: now a business case, no longer a hand-out case': Only some countries in the African continent are enjoying economic growth from investment. Investors cherry-pick based on natural resources, political risk and previous corporate pioneering. Sub-Saharan Africa is seen as an emerging growth market and new global player, in a new analysis country-by-country by Standard Chartered. They argue Sub-Saharan Africa is in a similar position to Brazil 20 years ago. An International Monetary Fund (IMF) report points to Africa’s ‘virtuous circle’ of factors that feed off each other: exports and imports up; banks unfreezing lending; inflation low; private finance growing again; governance improving; and conflicts decreasing…
  • 'Dispute resolution just got easier': Faced with the prospect of expensive legal representation and open-season publicity from public court battles – not to mention the risk of losing and costs being awarded – more companies are turning to arbitration and mediation in a bid to resolve disputes. Just about any type of dispute can be settled through arbitration, including contract disputes involving competitors or consumers; intellectual property disputes; employment and labour claims; real estate issues; and civil matters. Yet there are disadvantages…
  • 'Renewable energy: where yesteryear meets tomorrow': Whatever the potential, the US solar power industry still lags behind that of other smaller nations. UHY, with its longstanding track record in the energy sector, has for the past decade been developing its expertise in the renewables market globally…