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“UHY International Business" issue 21- now available

Global accountancy network UHY publishes its latest edition of UHY International Business – Issue 21. This bi-annual publication features fresh insight, provided by our members, on the most current business challenges and key issues faced by companies and individuals around the world. Issue 21 covers the following topics:

  • ‘Making of a family business’ 
    As family businesses expand from their entrepreneurial beginnings, they face unique performance and governance challenges. To be successful, a family business must achieve strong business performance and must keep the family committed to, and capable of, carrying on as the owner…
  • ‘Signs of a rebound spur M&A’ in Latin America’ 
    While family businesses globally may be enhancing their strategies to survive and prosper, some are coming to the end of their family line and choosing to sell when the prospect of an attractive offer is presented. In many regions, due to the global economic downturn, family owners are sitting tight, but in Latin America it’s a different story…
  • ‘R&D- incentives for growth’ 
    While economies around the world struggle out of the economic downturn, many businesses, are continuing to invest significantly in research and development (R&D). These businesses realise that cutting R&D budgets can limit future growth. But to stretch budgets further, companies are evaluating not just how much R&D to conduct but also where to do it…