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“UHY International Business" issue 20 -now available

Global accountancy network UHY publishes its latest edition of UHY International Business – Issue 20. This bi-annual publication features fresh insight, provided by our members, on the most current business challenges and key issues faced by companies and individuals around the world. Issue 20 covers the following topics:

  • Who needs the West?

As Western economies stutter towards recovery, the relentless rise of China, India and Brazil marches on – buoyed by intra-trade that meets the needs of huge, under-supplied markets in each others’ jurisdictions, as well as with markets across vast tracts of Africa...

  • Tax harmony no closer

Governments of the world’s leading economies have been discussing a global corporation tax rate in a bid to deter multinational companies from moving their operations to the ‘lowest bidder’ jurisdiction so they can pay less tax…

  • The tide is changing

Determined efforts by the Mexican government to confront organised crime and corruption in business – with added weight from its own Sarbanes-Oxley-type legislation on corporate governance – are beginning to pay off…

  • The taxman cometh offshore

Initiatives from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the G20 and various national governments have been portrayed in the business press as an assault on low-tax jurisdictions. Taxpayers with offshore investments can’t afford to lie low much longer as governments tighten the regulatory noose on low-tax jurisdictions – or have we heard all this before …