Plastics & rubber

Key materials in everyday life, the industries behind plastics and rubber are among the most dynamic and far-reaching in the global economy.

UHY member firms work with clients throughout the sector, from primary producers and material processors to manufacturers of moulding and extrusion machinery.

Specialist knowledge enables experts from UHY to provide guidance in areas such as improving competitiveness, strengthening supply chains and implementing audits to comply with environmental regulation.

In industries where issues such as currency fluctuations can be of critical importance to the bottom line, expert advice is provided to help clients manage and mitigate risks. 

Specialists work with clients on specific projects such as the financial monitoring and auditing of measures to improve sustainability, a key theme for both industries.


Many of the key players in the plastics and rubber industry source raw materials from international suppliers or have established processing plants in foreign countries. 

The extensive reach of the UHY network enables clients to utilise local knowledge and market awareness of our member firms across the world to better manage those international interests and optimise cross-border supply chains. Member firms are also able to provide practical guidance and advice on establishing new facilities overseas.


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