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UHY brand infringements

The UHY brand is protected by means of trade mark registrations in many countries worldwide and any type of brand infringement and misuse is taken very seriously by UHY and will be dealt with by legal action where necessary. The companies/firms listed below are no longer (or in some instances, have never been) part of the UHY network. Neither UHY nor any of its current member firms have any association with the following entities, nor do the following entities have authority to use the UHY brand in any form:

  • Mian Umer & Co (including UHYTech Hub, The School for Professionals, The Rising Glory, Artwilla), Pakistan
  • UHY Moreira, Brazil
  • UHY Morsad, Dominican Republic
  • UHY Saxena Chartered Accountants, UAE

This list may not be exhaustive as new infringements may have come to our attention since it was written.

A departed UHY member firm may occasionally still appear on online or in printed media and directories. To avoid confusion, UHY lists its member firms on the uhy.com Locations section for easy referencing.