Bernard Fay, chairman, UHY International It gives me great pleasure to introduce the latest digital edition of UHY Global, our twice-yearly magazine covering international business with a local perspective.

This edition has all the great content of our print version (which you can download as a PDF from the toolbar), but online we have added extra material, so you can explore our topics further. There are also click-throughs to related content and source information, including websites and video. You can even email our UHY contributors directly, to find out more!

I do hope you enjoy browsing this edition of UHY Global and will come to know our international network a little better. We are a global network of independent member firms, present in over 320 business centres across more than 95 countries. It is our mission to bring reassurance, consistency and expert thinking, to all of our clients working internationally in a complex and uncertain world.

In this issue of UHY Global, we look at how some industries are meeting the challenges of globalisation and the march of technology. For example, our opening article considers how aerospace manufacturers and suppliers are harnessing the power of new digital technologies in what is being described as the fourth industrial revolution.

Likewise, the automotive sector looks set for significant change. In our Perspectives feature, UHY experts discuss the impact of electric and hybrid vehicles and ask whether new regulation and political ambition really do signify the end of the internal combustion engine.

My own industry too, is not immune to change. We examine the disruptive phenomenon that is Bitcoin and conclude that while cryptocurrency investment has much to prove in the long-term, the real potential for business lies in the ‘blockchain’ process that underpins it. We also look more broadly at the rise of financial technology, and the impacts it may have on the way we all do business.

Change of a different sort is highlighted in our feature on the tourism industry. Despite economic slowdown, hostility and natural disasters, this is a buoyant global market which shows that we are – more than ever before - finding new ways to explore our amazing planet.

I hope you enjoy your journey through this digital edition of UHY Global. If we whet your appetite to find out more about UHY and our member firms around the world, then you may also like to browse our other publications on the UHY website. HOW TO NAVIGATE THIS DIGITAL EDITIONABOUT THE TOOLBAR You will find all the key buttons on the toolbar at the top of your screen, though layout may vary on different devices and browsers. For example, touch-screen devices may use gestures instead of buttons, for certain features.

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