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China grows business numbers faster than any other major economy and shrugs off impact of economic slowdown

• 19% increase in China’s total stock of businesses last year…
…compared to just 2% rise in business numbers in major Western economies

UHY global real estate guide 2017

As the world becomes more globalised, many investors, both corporate and private, are looking for international opportunities. Investors need to ef...

Bank lending to European businesses now...

• By contrast, average across all countries studied worldwide is 24% higher than 2008 • G7 economies lag well behind BRICs Bank lending to the ...

Customs duties in US, UK and other developed economies less than half of the global average – benefitting consumers

Relatively low import tariffs help keep goods costs down

Free Trade Agreements an increasingly critical policy area

Smart Buildings Reach for the Skies

They are efficient, connected and cool – and construction is booming.

Is the Future Alternative?

In 2016, Costa Rica ran for an unbroken period of more than two months on renewable energy alone – the second year in a row the country had ac....

Continental Shift - Doing Business in the New Africa

The ‘continent of despair’ or an untapped market eager for new products and services? Africa, it seems, can be both.

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